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Lynn's a Deep Sleeper
Featuring Lynn Pops & Star Nine

Star indulges in some limp play fun with her passed out roommate, Lynn Pops. She checks her eyes, plays with her limp limbs & strips her down to her bra & panties.

Includes limp play, 2x eyechecks

7 minutes


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Dixie Rapes Star
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie holds the door open, hoping Star will invite her in for a nightcap. Star just wants to call it a night. She steps in the shower, runs her soapy hands over her body, washing the night away. Dixie sneaks in and spikes her wine

Star brushes her hair in front of the mirror. She slowly sips her wine. Suddenly dizzy, she steps away from the mirror, intending to head to bed. Instead she topples to the floor where she rests, semi-conscious.

Dixie comes in and plays with her delirious prey. She playfully answers Star's slurred questions before pouring more of the knock out drug into her mouth. She carries her to the bedroom.

Dixie runs her hands over Star's limp body before penetrating her with a strap-on. She fucks her unconscious friend, taking what she wants, before leaving her nude & unconscious on the bed with a freshly fucked pussy.

Includes limp play, lift & carry, strap-on fucking, lesbian domination

20 minutes


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Sleepy Sunbather
Featuring Ava Dalush & Star Nine

Ava Dalush enjoys playing with limp sunbather Star Nine by the pool.

Includes limp play, masturbation, outdoor nudes. girl/girl, body worship

11 minutes


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Limp Body Worship
Featuring Kelsey Obsession & Star Nine

Kelsey and Star cuddle on the couch discussing their plans for the evening. Kelsey takes advantage of Star's arm around her to sneak a whiff of her armpit. Star notices, they argue.

Kelsey removes a bottle and rag from the cabinet. She soaks the rag and clamps it down over Star's nose & mouth. Star struggles. Her eyes roll back, she passes out. Now Kelsey has a limp girlfriend. She can enjoy whichever parts of Star's body she wants.

Kelsey sniffs, licks, and plays with Star's armpits and belly button, knocking her out over and over while she enjoys the scent and taste of her girlfriend's body.

Includes 4X chloroform KOS, limp play, body worship, armpit licking, smell fetish, belly button fetish

10 minutes


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Self Concious
Featuring Arabelle Raphael & Star Nine

Star pulls back from kissing her girlfriend and teasingly asks to kiss her other lips. Receiving oral is something that Arabelle has never been comfortable with. She worries about the smell of her pussy, what if it doesn't taste good. Star knows this. Arabelle has denied her over and over, this time she has a plan.

Star tells Arabelle she has something that will help her relax. She reaches over for the small vial of liquid and white cloth. Arabelle is curious, she weakly protests as Star clamps the soaked cloth over her face.

Star plays with her limp girlfriend. She begins to strip her. Arabelle wakes and asks why she's naked. She giggles when Star asks her if she minds being naked. Star explains the chloroform and Arabelle is concerned, but she submits and allows Star to knock her back out.

Star finishes stripping her limp girlfriend and finally leans down to taste her. She's delicious, normal, no reason for her anxiety. Arabelle stirs. She protests. She's uncomfortable. Star insists that she'll get over it once her body is responding and she knocks Arabelle back out - Arabelle struggles more this time.

Star runs her tounge over her limp girlfriend's clit, she sucks and licks. Arabelle begins to moan and stir. She cums. See that wasn't so bad.

Includes 3X chloroform KOs, limp play, girl/girl, pussy eating

14 minutes


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