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Sleepy Slayer
Featuring Janira Wolfe & Star Nine

Star runs into an old flame while battling a nest of vampires. Janira is freshly turned and still fairly weak. She flirts with Star, flattered that she remembers her, buying time.

Star knows better, she has to get rid of the whole nest. It's too bad that Janira has to be dusted, but there's no other way. She delivers a couple hard belly punches, dropping Janira to the ground. Lifting the vamp back up by her neck, Star begins to feel dizzy. She tries to shake it off, then tries to stake Janira, but it's too late. Star collapses into Janira's arms.

Janira plays with her old flame, perhaps for a little too long. Star is strong, she wakes up early and pushes Janira to the ground, fumbling for her stake. Janira knocks her back out and finishes tying her to the chair. She sets up an IV so she can continue to control and enjoy her ex. Star wakes and Janira fiddles with the IV flow, slowly putting her back out. She plays with her topless toy, bringing her back up and putting her back out.

Finally Star wakes, she frantically unties herself and rips the IV from her arm. Janira sneaks up on her, startled Star jumps to face her. A mistake. Her defenses weakened, Star makes eye contact and is trapped. Mesmerized she rocks back and forth at Janira's lead. She exposes her neck.Janira exposes her fangs and goes in for the bite.

The vamp pops off Star's neck and they both fall to the ground. The slayer's final defense is her blood. Janira flutters her eyes on the ground and passes out.

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Vampire, Mesmerize, Sleep Fetish, Magic Control, Limp Fetish, Belly Punching

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Miss Quin The Foot Stalker
Featuring Miss Quinn & Whitney Morgan

Quin has finally gotten up the nerve to talk to her favorite waitress. Well, not really, but she's followed Whitney home from the cafe & snuck in the back door. She would have asked first, but she just knows that if she asked Whitney to play with her soft, fragrant, nylon soles she would have said no!

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Foot Worship, Pantyhose/Stockings, Smell Fetish, Foot Fetish

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Sleepy The Clown
Featuring Miss Quin & Star Nine

Star bends over a box complaining to herself - she should have just hired movers. The doorbell rings. Star opens the door to one of her new neighbors welcoming her to the neighborhood. The petite clown motions at Star to sniff the flowers. Star leans in and is surprised by one of the clown's tricks.

Quin plays with the new girl in her lair. She has grand plans to turn her into a fun loving clown. She squeezes Star's mouth open and penetrates her with a balloon animal. She begins to strip her play thing, running away when she wakes up.

Star struggles to her feet and gives chase. She corners the clown, who extends her hand for a shake. This is so surreal - Star accepts. The joy buzzer jolts Star & she collapses on the bed. Quin finishes stripping her and places a bright red foam nose on her face. Soon Star will look just like her.

Includes sleepy, clowns, humor

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Sleepy Roommate
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star finishes showing Ashley the house. She's put an ad up seeking the perfect roommate. Ashley likes the place, now it's time to see whether she fits the bill.

Star leaves the room to get the paperwork. Ashley begins to feel light-headed. She shakes it off, but her eyes start feeling sleepy, her body grows heavy and she falls into a deep sleep.

Star returns, pleased to see Ashley asleep. She plays with Ashley's limp limbs, lifting and dropping her arms, rolling her head from side to side. When Ashley wakes, Star offers her some water & begins to go over the paperwork. It's not long before Ashley has fallen asleep again. It looks like she will be the perfect roommate. Star plays with Ashley some more, stripping her fully nude and tying her up. Ashley wakes up long enough to protest, but soon she has fallen right back to sleep. When she wakes up and signs the lease she'll have forgotten everything & Star will get the perfect, quiet, controllable roommate she has been seeking.

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Struggling, Blondes, Damsel In Distress, Ragdolling Fetish

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The Amateur
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Batgirl has been tracked to her lair by a wannabe villain, Sinn Sage. Sinn relieves Batgirl of her utility belt & has lots of fun playing with the contents & posing for selfies with the superheroine, but Batgirl eventually overpowers her.

Batgirl scrolls through Sinn's phone deleting pictures as Sinn happily recounts her failed attempt. Batgirl & Sinn begin to feel drowsy. Batgirl checks her security system to find the real villains outside! Sinn has led them directly to them with her amateur plan.

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Super Heroines, Super Villains, Cosplay, Costumes

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