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Sleepy Sunbather
Featuring Ava Dalush & Star Nine

Ava Dalush enjoys playing with limp sunbather Star Nine by the pool.

Includes limp play, masturbation, outdoor nudes. girl/girl, body worship

11 minutes


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Limp Body Worship
Featuring Kelsey Obsession & Star Nine

Kelsey and Star cuddle on the couch discussing their plans for the evening. Kelsey takes advantage of Star's arm around her to sneak a whiff of her armpit. Star notices, they argue.

Kelsey removes a bottle and rag from the cabinet. She soaks the rag and clamps it down over Star's nose & mouth. Star struggles. Her eyes roll back, she passes out. Now Kelsey has a limp girlfriend. She can enjoy whichever parts of Star's body she wants.

Kelsey sniffs, licks, and plays with Star's armpits and belly button, knocking her out over and over while she enjoys the scent and taste of her girlfriend's body.

Includes 4X chloroform KOS, limp play, body worship, armpit licking, smell fetish, belly button fetish

10 minutes


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Self Concious
Featuring Arabelle Raphael & Star Nine

Star pulls back from kissing her girlfriend and teasingly asks to kiss her other lips. Receiving oral is something that Arabelle has never been comfortable with. She worries about the smell of her pussy, what if it doesn't taste good. Star knows this. Arabelle has denied her over and over, this time she has a plan.

Star tells Arabelle she has something that will help her relax. She reaches over for the small vial of liquid and white cloth. Arabelle is curious, she weakly protests as Star clamps the soaked cloth over her face.

Star plays with her limp girlfriend. She begins to strip her. Arabelle wakes and asks why she's naked. She giggles when Star asks her if she minds being naked. Star explains the chloroform and Arabelle is concerned, but she submits and allows Star to knock her back out.

Star finishes stripping her limp girlfriend and finally leans down to taste her. She's delicious, normal, no reason for her anxiety. Arabelle stirs. She protests. She's uncomfortable. Star insists that she'll get over it once her body is responding and she knocks Arabelle back out - Arabelle struggles more this time.

Star runs her tounge over her limp girlfriend's clit, she sucks and licks. Arabelle begins to moan and stir. She cums. See that wasn't so bad.

Includes 3X chloroform KOs, limp play, girl/girl, pussy eating

14 minutes


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Love Potion
Featuring Amber Chase & Star Nine

Amber creeps into her neighbor's backyard. She has a huge crush on Star, but hasn't been able to pique her interest. Star notices her peeking through the sliding glass door and lets her in, asking what she's doing out in the rain. Amber pushes past her and sits on the couch. She wants to show Star an antique perfume bottle she just picked up. Star admires the detail and Amber sprays her in the face. The pretty bottle contains a knock out spray. Amber secretly considers it a love potion.

Star blinks for a moment, then she loses muscle control and her head falls back on the couch. Her eyes rolled back and fluttering. Amber plays with her limp love interest, lifting and dropping her limbs, checking her eyes, stripping her. Star becomes conscious as Amber is behind her removing her top. She's confused for a moment, then freaks.

She runs away into the kitchen, but Amber is close behind with her knock out spray. She spritzes Star in the face & gently lowers her to the floor as her she loses consciousness. She has some more fun with her limp girlfriend, playing with her like a puppet. She bounces her tits about and prods over her mouth before focusing in on Star's exposed pussy. She rubs Star's pussy with her limp hand. Star awakens, her moans turning to screams. She fights to get away.

Amber chases her to the garage door, Star fights, trying to close it behind her but ends up falling backwards to the cement in the struggle. Amber knocks her out once again. She drags her new girlfriend to an old chair and restrains her limp limbs with cuffs and rope. She won't be going anywhere when she wakes up.

Includes 3X knock out spray KOS, limp play, forced orgasms, eye checks, bondage, dead weight dragging

17 minutes


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Fuck Doll
Featuring Star Nine & Gigi Lynn

Gigi stares at the maid's bubble butt, it's impossible not to notice, encased in inappropriately tight shorts. Star plays dumb when Gigi confronts her.

Gigi calls Star into the living room, pointing out some stains she missed on the couch. If her husband is going to fuck the maid, it's going to be on her terms. She clamps a chloroform soaked rag over Star's face. Star puts up a fight, but quickly goes limp. Gigi rolls her limp head in her hands and gets to work stripping the slut. She mocks her body as she pulls her skimpy clothes off.

When Star comes to, fully nude, Gigi quickly gets her in a choke-hold while she reaches for the chloroform. After knocking her out again, Gigi positions the maid's limp body on the couch, posing her for her husband, planning to let him use her as a real human fuck doll.

Includes 2x chloroform KOs, eye checks, posing, limp play

10 minutes


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