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Pantyhose Encasement Vengeance
Featuring Kendra James & Anastasia Pierce & Star Nine

Kendra James' relaxing day at the spa is interrupted by a vigilante assassin bent on putting an end to her human trafficking crimes. The assassin prepares a pair of chloroform soaked pantyhose as the masseuse shows Kendra to her room. As Kendra strips down in the treatment room, the assassin knocks the masseuse out. She pulls a nylon mask over the masseuse's head, binding her hands and wrists with pantyhose and leaving her cleave gagged & unconscious.

Kendra relaxes on the bed. Her eyes remain closed as the assassin creeps up on her. She doesn't smell the chloroform until it's too late.

Kendra wakes slowly on the floor, her hands tied behind her back, as the assassin approaches. The assassin pulls Kendra up onto her knees and shoves a dildo into her mouth. Kendra struggles and moans as the assassin rapes her mouth. Sick of Kendra's noise, the assassin pulls out and slaps her hard across the face. Kendra is visibly disoriented as Star reaches for the chloroform, wraps her limbs around Kendra's body, knocking her back out.

Kendra wakes on the bed, there is a nylon mask pulled over her head now, and a ball gag shoved in her mouth over the nylon. There gusset of her pantyhose has been removed, in preparation for the rape. Kendra desperately tries to free her hands as the dildo slides in and out of her. Star notices that Kendra is slowly breaking free, but ignores it as she moans and licks her stocking mask in pleasure.

When she's satisfied, the assassin removes the ball gag from Kendra's mouth, demanding names. Kendra plays dumb, she makes her move with her freed hands. Star quickly pins her, but Kendra calls for help. Star clamps her hand down over Kendra's mouth, but with only one hand to contain Kendra's struggling, she has no choice but to lean forward and suffocate Kendra to death.

The masseuse is awake and struggling to untie her ankles. She finds her phone and dials for help. Star stalks in behind her. She wasn't supposed to wake up. As the masseuse dials, Star grabs for the cleave gag that is now hanging around her neck. The masseuse thrashes violently, drooling through her nylon mask as she is strangled to death. The assassin rolls the masseuses' lifeless body onto the floor, collects her things, and walks out.

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3X Chloroform KOs, Death By Suffocation, Death By Strangulation, Nylon Encasement, Pantyhose Encasement, Limp Fetish

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25 minutes


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Spy vs. Spy: Carried Away
Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

The hotel room door creaks open. Nyssa looks up as Star slowly creeps into the room. Reaching for a syringe, Nyssa creeps along the wall, surprising the intruder at the corner. She jabs Star in the neck & empties her syringe. Star's eyes go wide, she gasps. Her body weakens & Nyssa drags her to the bed as she passes out.

Nyssa searches the intruder for clues, taking time to play with her limp limbs. What could she want? She isn't wearing a wire. Stripping her limp body, Nyssa comes across a vial and rag tucked into Star's cleavage. Not finding any clues, Nyssa leaves Star unconscious in her bed.

Star startles awake, taking in her surroundings. She picks up her chloroform and creeps into the next room, wondering what happened, determined to complete her mission.

Nyssa types away at her computer as Star creeps up behind her and clamps the rag over her face. Nyssa struggles. They end up on the couch, Nyssa's eyes rolling back in her head. Star quickly strips Nyssa's limp body, chastising her for being foolish enough to walk away without the chloroform, before continuing her search for the thumb drive.

Nyssa wakes, she hears Star searching the bedroom. She quietly creeps in, retrieves her syringe & knocks Star back out. She plays with the spy's limp limbs. Unsure of what to do with her, Nyssa decides to take Star to her boss. She dresses while Star lies unconscious, then lifts her limp body over her shoulder, carrying her out of the room.

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3 KOs, 1 Chloroform, 2 Medical, Limp Play, Limp Fetish, Eye Checks, Lift & Carry, Shoulder Carry

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16 minutes


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POV Hotel Creep
Featuring Sarah Michelle

She's careless with her room key. I swipe it, open the little booklet, see her room number. It's the middle of the day, but I heard her complaining of jet lag at the hotel bar. I take my chance.

The heavy hotel door opens noisily, I latch the deadbolt, scan the room, approach the white french doors. I inhale sharply as I slide the door open, revealing her sleeping figure. My approach was not as silent as I had hoped, but she doesn't stir. I experiment, lifting and shaking her limp hands before pulling the heavy white duvet off her sleeping body.

She stirs, wakes, her eyes open, she questions me. I quickly place my chloroform soaked rag over her face. She glances at me, wide eyed and confused as her eyes blink and roll back. I continue to explore my plaything, pulling her pajamas aside to view nipples and pubis. I enjoy her limp limbs and check her eyes, pulling them back.

When she stirs again I am quick with the rag. Her eyes open for a moment before dropping shut again, the eyes darting back and forth under her heavy lids. I've had my fun. I pose and position her before leaving the cloth over her unconscious face, tucking her in, and pulling the noisy door shut behind me.

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2X chloroform KOs, Eye Checks, Limp Play, Limp Fetish, Cradle Carry, Hand Over Mouth

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12 minutes


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Slumber Party
Featuring Autumn Bodell & Kelly Kane & Star Nine

Autumn, Star, & Kelly are in the living room playing "stiff as a feather, light as a board". Star sits up, it's not working. The girls are having a slumber party & they rack their brains, trying to think of other slumber party games they could play. Star suggests spin the bottle & is firmly shot down. They decide on hide & seek and Autumn slaps Star's arm. You're it.

Star stalks through the house, she has the perfect slumber party prank in hand to get her friends back for always inferring that she's a lesbian. She presses her ear up to the closet door & soaks a white cloth with chloroform. Star flings open the door & Autumn puts her hands up - you got me. Star presses the cloth up over her face. Autumn's eyes roll back and Star pulls her to the bed. Star plays with Autumn's limp limbs & removes her top before leaving to find Kelly.

She flings open the shower door before slinking into the living room. Glancing around, she bets Kelly is behind the couch. Star prepares her cloth & jumps over the couch, roaring as she pounces. She knocks out Kelly & carries her to the bedroom.

Autumn comes to as Star is arranging Kelly, Star knocks her out again. She spends some time arranging her limp friends, posing them in a compromising position before wandering off to eat ice cream.

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3X chloroform KOs, Lift & Carry, Limp Play, Limp Fetish, Cradle Carry, Hand Over Mouth

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10 minutes


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Leaving Town
Featuring Ela Darling & Star Nine

Star jumps down to the balcony, dressed all in black - standard spy wear. She peers through the slats into the living room, casing the situation before trying the door. Success! It's unlocked. She slowly slides it open, trying to be silent, discreet. Rough on the tracks it opens noisily. She walks light on her feet around the living room, the floorboards creaking under her boots. Her intel was correct. Half packed boxes in the corner. Her target is leaving town.

She eyes the computer set up and grabs a usb drive. She shoves it in her shirt before continuing down the hall, making sure no one's home.

Ela surprises Star in a doorway. Clamping a chloroform soaked rag over her rival's face, she taunts her for being so noisy. Star struggles but succumbs to the drug, going limp in Ela's arms. Ela drags her limp body into the bedroom. She strips the spy, playing with her limp limbs. She plans to teach her a lesson. She tastes her rival's pussy before strapping on a large black dildo. She slides in. Star begins to stir as Ela thrusts into her. She tries to fight her off, but Ela isn't finished. She clamps the rag back over Star's face. and continues to fuck her limp body. Finished. She leaves the rag near Star's face. Thinking she'll have lots of time before the spy comes to.

Star slowly wakes. Disoriented, she touches her wet pussy. She locates her pants, and the syringe she came in with, but can't find her shirt. She sneaks up on Ela working at her desk & plunges the syringe into her neck. Uncertain whether Ela has called for help, Star reluctantly leaves without getting her revenge.

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3x KOS - 2 chloroform & 1 medical, Strap-On Rape, Limp Play, Limp Fetish, Lesbian Domination, Lesbian

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15 minutes


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