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Brainwashed Spies
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Sinn & Star are spies investigating a shady hotel. Star goes in first and manages to hack the server from her phone. She downloads a strange file and decrypts it. As she plays the file on her phone her eyes grow heavier and heavier until she passes out.

Star greats Sinn as she enters the room, handing her a glass of water. Sinn chugs the water, then gazes up at Star in shock. Did you drug me?

It's clear the file has had a strange effect on Star, she's acting as the hotel's security system as she strips her partner's limp body and searches her for weapons. She keeps Sinn knocked out with chloroform and injections as she secures the room, binding Sinn's wrists and ankles together. She begins to interrogate Sinn but is distracted by an unfamiliar sound.

Star looks away just long enough for Sinn to free her wrists and attack. Sinn wrestles Star into a sleeper hold and knocks her out. Trying to understand why her partner has turned on her, Sinn looks through Star's phone. She finds the file and she too is mesmerized, brainwashed into being the arms and eyes of the hotel's security system.

Star comes to and insists that they leave, but Sinn isn't having any of it. She strips and searches Star in between knock outs. She binds her and begins to go through her things. Star's advanced training has also equipped her with the ability to get out of ropes. She reminds Sinn of this as she knocks her out with a karate chop to the neck.

When Sinn comes to, she's finally back to normal. Sinn & Star gather their things to leave, but are unable to make it out of the room before a cloud of gas pours out of the ceiling leaving them both unconscious on the bed.

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Mesmerize, Magic Control, Grappling, Hand Over Mouth

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Sleepy Star
Featuring Star Nine

Star is relaxing indoors on a hot summer day. She lounges on the couch in her shorts sipping a cold beverage and enjoying the comfort of the ac unit she has just had installed. She begins to feel a bit drowsy, and decides she should probably get out for some fresh air. Star looks on her phone for local events to check out, but she grows more and more sleepy and passes out before she can reach a decision.

Star yawns and stretches as she wakes from her nap. She searches for her phone and frowns at her crumpled up socks . . . feeling a bit groggy, she chugs water. Before she can find her phone, she's passed out again.

Awake again, Star still can't find her phone and now she's missing her shirt! She walks around behind the couch to look for it, but suddenly feels too weak to stand. She steadies herself against the wall & heads back to the couch - she just needs to sit down for a minute. Star misses the couch and collapses on the floor, her eyes fluttering as she falls back asleep.

Down to her underwear, and very confused, Star chugs more water trying to wake up. Something strange is going on and she should really go make sure the front door is locked. She just can't make it off the couch. Her head snaps back as she nods off once again.

Star's body feels heavy as she regains consciousness . . . she can't move her limbs. She snaps awake, noticing that she's bound and nude! It's not all in her head! She desperately inches towards the door, her wrists, ankles, and knees bound tightly in rope. She struggles to stay awake but barely makes it a few feet before she's off again into a deep slumber.

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Limp Fetish, Damsel In Distress, Bondage, Rope Bondage, Struggling, Limp Play

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The New Girl
Featuring Veruca James & Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie & Star give the new girl the chance of a lifetime - the opportunity to be in with them, the popular girls.

Sitting on Star's bed they grill Veruca about her old school, whether she was popular there, why she moved, how much money her dad makes. It's pretty clear Veruca is not going to fit in . . . there were only 7 girls in her grade at her old school! Still, Star pretends it's going to work out. Of course they'll have to dye her hair red since Star's the blonde & Dixie's the brunette and their Asian friend has black hair . . . Veruca protests, she doesn't think her mom would like that. Star rolls her eyes and reaches in her bedside drawer. She pins Veruca down and begins to tickle her as she tosses the bottle to Dixie.

Dixie soaks her panties with chloroform and schoolgirl pins the struggling Veruca, sitting on her face. Veruca continues to struggle until her eyes flutter shut.

The mean girls begin to strip their prey, flopping her limp limbs around as they remove her clothing. They're doing her a favor really, it's obvious she wouldn't be able to handle their antics so they should just put her in her place now. Dixie comments on her bra and Star says she should take it. Veruca wakes and tries to cover herself, she doesn't want to give up her bra. Star clamps a chloroform soaked rag right over her protesting mouth and knocks her back out.They decide to write on Veruca's naked body with lipstick. Free Whore. Fuck Hole. They leave to take pictures, planning to release them after the weekend's party with a gang bang rumor. Veruca runs home screaming for mommy.

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Limp Fetish, Humiliation, School Uniform, Face Sitting, Brat Girls, Lesbian Domination

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Nylon Doll
Featuring Chrissy Daniels & Star Nine

A sudden noise wakes Star. She looks up at the strange redhead, confused. The redhead explains that she came in from the balcony. Star isn't sufficiently afraid, she tries to lead the strange woman out through the front door and is KO'd.

Now Chrissy gets the answer to her burning question - stockings or pantyhose? She tastes her limp prize, worshiping Star's nylon feet and ass, rubbing up against her nylon legs. She pulls her limp body up onto the couch and Star begins to stir.

They roll back to the floor in the struggle. Knocked out again, Star is limp as Chrissy strips her down to her bra and pantyhose. She wakes as Chrissy begins to lick, her tongue on the nylon gusset.

Chrissy's not finished yet, but she is running low on CHC13. Kneeling over her limp plaything, Chrissy strips, she wants to see her little nylon doll in stockings. She trades lingerie with Star, dressing her up in her pink stockings and garter. She has just enough chloroform left to knock Star out one more time. She pulls the expensive black pantyhose up her legs, the gusset wet on her pussy, and climbs back out the balcony, vowing to return.

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Includes clothing swap, sleep fetish, lesbian domination, limp fetish, pantyhose/stockings

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Featuring Gigi Lynn & Star Nine

Star's stepmother is worried that she might be having sex with her boyfriend. She tries to get Star to put her phone down for a talk, but Star is uncooperative - saying that she's eighteen & it's none of Gigi's business. Concerned about her stepdaughter's purity, Gigi has no choice but to knock her out. With Star unconscious, her first instinct is to check the messages on her phone, but Star has it password protected. This enrages her stepmother, and Gigi resorts to a physical examination.

Gigi's worst fears are realized when she discovers ligature marks and bruises on her stepdaughter's body! She begins to strip Star for a thorough examination, freaking out at her matching, sheer, underwear. Star comes to and begins to freak out, she tries to get away, but Gigi clamps the chloroform soaked rag back over her airways. Star's eyes flutter and go white as her body weakens, going limp. Gigi finishes stripping Star and decides she must know once and for all. She penetrates her stepdaughter with her fingers, checking for a hymen. Star wakes again, nude on the living room floor with her stepmother ranting about shotgun weddings. She frantically covers herself and runs from the room.

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2X Chloroform KOs, Limp Fetish, Taboo, Older Woman/Younger Women, Limp Play, Smell Fetish

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