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Love Potion
Featuring Amber Chase & Star Nine

Amber creeps into her neighbor's backyard. She has a huge crush on Star, but hasn't been able to pique her interest. Star notices her peeking through the sliding glass door and lets her in, asking what she's doing out in the rain. Amber pushes past her and sits on the couch. She wants to show Star an antique perfume bottle she just picked up. Star admires the detail and Amber sprays her in the face. The pretty bottle contains a knock out spray. Amber secretly considers it a love potion.

Star blinks for a moment, then she loses muscle control and her head falls back on the couch. Her eyes rolled back and fluttering. Amber plays with her limp love interest, lifting and dropping her limbs, checking her eyes, stripping her. Star becomes conscious as Amber is behind her removing her top. She's confused for a moment, then freaks.

She runs away into the kitchen, but Amber is close behind with her knock out spray. She spritzes Star in the face & gently lowers her to the floor as her she loses consciousness. She has some more fun with her limp girlfriend, playing with her like a puppet. She bounces her tits about and prods over her mouth before focusing in on Star's exposed pussy. She rubs Star's pussy with her limp hand. Star awakens, her moans turning to screams. She fights to get away.

Amber chases her to the garage door, Star fights, trying to close it behind her but ends up falling backwards to the cement in the struggle. Amber knocks her out once again. She drags her new girlfriend to an old chair and restrains her limp limbs with cuffs and rope. She won't be going anywhere when she wakes up.

Includes 3X knock out spray KOS, limp play, forced orgasms, eye checks, bondage, dead weight dragging

17 minutes


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Fuck Doll
Featuring Star Nine & Gigi Lynn

Gigi stares at the maid's bubble butt, it's impossible not to notice, encased in inappropriately tight shorts. Star plays dumb when Gigi confronts her.

Gigi calls Star into the living room, pointing out some stains she missed on the couch. If her husband is going to fuck the maid, it's going to be on her terms. She clamps a chloroform soaked rag over Star's face. Star puts up a fight, but quickly goes limp. Gigi rolls her limp head in her hands and gets to work stripping the slut. She mocks her body as she pulls her skimpy clothes off.

When Star comes to, fully nude, Gigi quickly gets her in a choke-hold while she reaches for the chloroform. After knocking her out again, Gigi positions the maid's limp body on the couch, posing her for her husband, planning to let him use her as a real human fuck doll.

Includes 2x chloroform KOs, eye checks, posing, limp play

10 minutes


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Spy vs. Spy
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Kendra slinks in wearing a black cat suit, she quickly spots the chair where the microchip is supposed to be hidden, but a thorough search turns up nothing. She continues on into another room, the chip must be here somewhere.

Star enters & spots the chair right away. The chip isn't where it is supposed to be, but she continues her search - there's no way that this isn't the chair. Star is still poking around the bottom of the chair when she hears sounds - Kendra returning.

Star is positioned behind the door as Kendra enters. She puzzles over Kendra as she walks past. What is ANOTHER spy doing here? No time for questions, Star plunges a syringe into her rival's neck, Kendra's eyes roll back and flutter shut. She drags Kendra's limp body to the chair & begins to search her - she must have already found the chip! Star searches her limp rival - Kendra's catsuit has no pockets so she has to be thorough. Star unzips, the catsuit revealing Kendra's large, bare, breasts along with a bottle of chloroform, but no chip. She rolls her limp head around in her hands, searching Kendra's hair. Finally she pulls her to the ground & checks between her legs before giving up - wandering away to search the rest of the building - perhaps Kendra already hid it.

Kendra's eyes flutter open. She is trying to piece together what happened as Star returns from her search. Kendra quickly plops herself back in the chair, pretending to be unconscious. Star is confused - that's not where she left her is it? Something isn't right, but Star shakes off the feeling. She struggles as Kendra clamps the chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and nostrils.

Now Kendra searches her rival for the chip, though it begins to dawn on her that Star must think SHE has it. Kendra gives up and hides as Star begins to regain consciousness. Star is now completely convinced that it's a trap. She calls out to her rival, they need to get to the bottom of this. Kendra jumps out at her and they begin to struggle and argue. They're finally getting somewhere, trying to figure out who sent them both there, when noxious gas begins leaking from the ceiling. It was a trap. We fade out on both spies, unconscious, on the floor.

Includes 3 KOS (medical, chloroform, gas), spy. vs. spy, limp play, groping

19 minutes


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Star Gets What She Asked For
Featuring Nyxon & Star Nine

Star has been begging her girlfriend Nyxon to indulge her fantasy of being chloroformed and molested. Nyxon thinks it's a dumb idea, but when Star asks again - this time with the supplies on hand, she decides to go ahead and give Star what she's been asking for.

Star is giddy when she agrees, she happily goes under, placing her hand on top of Nyxon's over the chloroform rag. Nyxon plays with her limp girlfriend, dropping her limp limbs and stripping her. She finds it boring at first but once she has the idea to use the hitatchi on Star's limp body she becomes much more intrigued.

Star begs to go under a second time and leads Nyxon to the bedroom. She awakes in orgasm, an amazing experience, being pulled from nothing, nowhere. Nyxon preps the rag to knock her back out, but Star says she's had enough for now, her head hurts. Too bad for Star, her girlfriend is into this game now & puts her back under despite her protests. Nyxon laughs as she presses the hitatchi back up against her girlfriend's unconscious body.

Includes 3x chloroform KOs, limp play, forced orgasms, hand over mouth

12 minutes


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Taking Daisy's Soles
Featuring Daisy Ducati & Star Nine

Star has a huge foot fetish & a beautiful girlfriend - Daisy Ducati, but Daisy never lets her play with her feet! Daisy works with her feet all day, having them rubbed and worshiped in sessions & it's the last thing she wants to think about when she gets home. Star is disappointed as usual when she asks to play with Daisy's feet and her girlfriend just suggests they watch a movie. She pouts as she pours liquid onto a white rag.

Daisy notices what she is doing & asks about it, but Star just clamps the chloroform soaked rag over her girlfriend's face. Finally she can touch and taste Daisy's perfect soles. She removes Daisy's shoes and sniffs each black nylon foot. She begins to massage her girlfriend's feet.

When Daisy awakes, Star pretends that she was letting her massage them, she tells Daisy that she must have passed out from the endorphins! That's a thing - she must really need this massage, she should let Star keep going. Daisy has never fainted before, she's concerned, maybe she should take a nap, or they should go to the hospital. Star reassures her as she clamps the rag back over her face. She hasn't gotten a chance to taste her girlfriend's toes yet.

Star gets to worshiping Daisy's limp feet. She's so entranced by them that she doesn't notice as Daisy begins to stir again. Daisy sees the chloroform rag and slowly reaches for it. She's putting an end to this nonsense. She springs up, surprising Star, and presses the rag to her face. Star struggles as she loses consciousness. Daisy giggles at her limp girlfriend, lifting her skirt and dropping her limp arm before leaving the room. They're going to have to have a serious talk in the morning.

Includes hand over mouth, limp play, 3x chloroform KOs, size comparision, foot worship, foot smelling, black stockings, foot massage

12 minutes


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