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Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine

Evangeline & Star are having a girls night in, reading each other's tarot cards. Eve is much more familiar with the cards than Star is . . . she's always harbored a secret obsession with the occult. Star turns over Eve's cards, not noticing the excitement that glimmers in her eye as the devil comes up. Eve pays close attention to the cards as they are placed, vigilant. She can't believe it's finally happening.

As Star turns over the final card and sits back, Eve knocks her out with a punch to the head. Eve arranges her unconscious friend on the floor & then sits back to wait - she's making an offering to the devil.

Eve is disappointed, nothing happens, and Star wakes up. She must have done it wrong. She punches her friend back out and arranges her limp body again, this time stripping her. Eve grows more and more frustrated as her offering continues to be rejected. She knocks her friend out again with a sleeper hold, again with a truncheon. As dawn nears, Eve mumbles and paces. Exhausted & frustrated, Eve finally trips over her unconscious friend, hitting her head. Stumbling, she loses consciousness and crosses her body over Star's on the floor.

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Pantyhose Domination, JOI, JOI Games, Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Domination, Dangling

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Cops & Damsels
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star sits in the police psychiatrist office. She's just busted up a crime ring and is being reprimanded for use of excessive force. She argues her case, slowly growing sleepy from a glass of drugged water. A pocket watch is waved in front of her sleepy eyes.

Dixie, a protected witness, is relaxing on her couch, playing on her phone as an invisible sleeping gas is pours into the room.

Shortly after Dixie passes out, Star rushes in. She gets about half way to Dixie before feeling light-headed and dizzy. She tries to wake the witness, but passes out herself.

When they come to, Star groggily begins to explain that Dixie needs to be moved. Just then she gets a phone call, the voice on the other end commands her, her faces goes blank and she spritzes Dixie in the face with knockout spray. The entranced cop plays with her limp charge.

Dixie wakes up only to be knocked out again and again by Star. Finally she is able to wrestle the spray bottle away from Star and KO her.

Star wakes as Dixie is still trying to make sense of the situation. The girls grapple and Dixie puts Star out with a blow to the head. She ties the cop up and observes her nervously.

When Star wakes, she is back to normal. The blow to the head must have snapped her back to reality. She begins to explain everything to Dixie, but sleep gas fills the room and both girls pass out.

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Limp Fetish, Mesmerize, Damsel In Distress, Woman Following Orders, Hand Over Mouth, Sleep Fetish

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Meeting The Wife
Featuring Gigi Lynn & Star Nine

Star breaks into the hotel room, surprising Gigi - her boyfriend's wife. Star has been stalking her, trying to get a glimpse of the competition. She's had to go to extreme lengths, following them on vacation, it's as if Gigi's been avoiding her.

Star knocks the older woman out. She begins to strip her, pulling her limp body around by the arms. She needs to know why he won't leave her . . . Gigi's head lolls in Star's arms as she begins to regain consciousness. As her confusion fades, Star knocks her back out. She's examining the rings on Gigi's limp hands when the center of their triangle enters the room.

Unamused by Star's antics he knocks her out with her own chloroform and begins to tie her up. Blondes are a dime a dozen . . .

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Older Woman/Younger Women, Damsel In Distress, Groping, Lesbian Domination

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Brainwashed Spies
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Sinn & Star are spies investigating a shady hotel. Star goes in first and manages to hack the server from her phone. She downloads a strange file and decrypts it. As she plays the file on her phone her eyes grow heavier and heavier until she passes out.

Star greats Sinn as she enters the room, handing her a glass of water. Sinn chugs the water, then gazes up at Star in shock. Did you drug me?

It's clear the file has had a strange effect on Star, she's acting as the hotel's security system as she strips her partner's limp body and searches her for weapons. She keeps Sinn knocked out with chloroform and injections as she secures the room, binding Sinn's wrists and ankles together. She begins to interrogate Sinn but is distracted by an unfamiliar sound.

Star looks away just long enough for Sinn to free her wrists and attack. Sinn wrestles Star into a sleeper hold and knocks her out. Trying to understand why her partner has turned on her, Sinn looks through Star's phone. She finds the file and she too is mesmerized, brainwashed into being the arms and eyes of the hotel's security system.

Star comes to and insists that they leave, but Sinn isn't having any of it. She strips and searches Star in between knock outs. She binds her and begins to go through her things. Star's advanced training has also equipped her with the ability to get out of ropes. She reminds Sinn of this as she knocks her out with a karate chop to the neck.

When Sinn comes to, she's finally back to normal. Sinn & Star gather their things to leave, but are unable to make it out of the room before a cloud of gas pours out of the ceiling leaving them both unconscious on the bed.

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Mesmerize, Magic Control, Grappling, Hand Over Mouth

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Sleepy Star
Featuring Star Nine

Star is relaxing indoors on a hot summer day. She lounges on the couch in her shorts sipping a cold beverage and enjoying the comfort of the ac unit she has just had installed. She begins to feel a bit drowsy, and decides she should probably get out for some fresh air. Star looks on her phone for local events to check out, but she grows more and more sleepy and passes out before she can reach a decision.

Star yawns and stretches as she wakes from her nap. She searches for her phone and frowns at her crumpled up socks . . . feeling a bit groggy, she chugs water. Before she can find her phone, she's passed out again.

Awake again, Star still can't find her phone and now she's missing her shirt! She walks around behind the couch to look for it, but suddenly feels too weak to stand. She steadies herself against the wall & heads back to the couch - she just needs to sit down for a minute. Star misses the couch and collapses on the floor, her eyes fluttering as she falls back asleep.

Down to her underwear, and very confused, Star chugs more water trying to wake up. Something strange is going on and she should really go make sure the front door is locked. She just can't make it off the couch. Her head snaps back as she nods off once again.

Star's body feels heavy as she regains consciousness . . . she can't move her limbs. She snaps awake, noticing that she's bound and nude! It's not all in her head! She desperately inches towards the door, her wrists, ankles, and knees bound tightly in rope. She struggles to stay awake but barely makes it a few feet before she's off again into a deep slumber.

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Limp Fetish, Damsel In Distress, Bondage, Rope Bondage, Struggling, Limp Play

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